Custom Fabric Options1


Satins and Solids

Black Satin

White Satin

Champagne Satin

Beauty Rose Satin

Light Pink Satin

Red Satin

Lavender Satin

Purple Satin

Burgundy Satin

Royal Blue Satin
Nude Satin Corset Fabric
Nude Satin
Magenta Satin Corset Fabric
Magenta Satin
Gold Satin Corset Fabric
Gold Satin
Silver Satin Corset Fabric
Silver Satin
Mint Green Satin Corset Fabric
Mint Green Satin
Sage Green Satin Corset Fabric
Sage Green Satin
Green Satin Corset Fabric
Green Satin

Light Blue
Turquoise Satin Corset Fabric
Turquoise Satin
Navy Blue Satin Corset Fabric
Navy Blue Satin

Black PVC

White PVC

Fuschia Pink PVC


Yellow PVC

Turquoise PVC

Purple PVC

Light Blue PVC
Silver PVC Corset Fabric
Silver PVC
Zebra PVC Corset Fabric
Zebra PVC
Red Glitter PVC Corset Fabric
Red Glitter PVC
Silver Glitter PVC Corset Fabric
Silver Glitter PVC
Pink Glitter PVC Corset Fabric
Pink Glitter PVC
Purple Glitter PVC Corset Fabric
Purple Glitter PVC
Turquoise Glitter PVC Corset Fabric
Turquoise Glitter PVC

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Patterned Silks/Brocades

Black/Black Dragon

White/White Dragon

Silver/Black Dragon

Black/Silver Dragon

Black/Red Dragon

Red/Black Dragon

Red/Gold Dragon

Mauve/Silver Dragon

Lavender/Siver Dragon

Burgundy/Gold Dragon

Black/Pink Dragon
White/Gold Dragons
White/Gold Dragons
Black/Gold Dragon
Black/Gold Dragons
Magenta/Black Dragons
Magenta/Black Dragons
Purple/Gold Dragons
Purple/Gold Dragons
Mandarin/Red Dragons
Mandarin/Red Dragons
Olive/Gold Dragons
Olive/Gold Dragons
Green/Gold Dragons
Green/Gold Dragons

Black/Black Blossoms

White/White Blossoms

Turquoise/Black Blossoms

Purple/Black Blossoms

Red/Black Blossoms

Black/Red Blossoms

Magenta/Gold Blossoms

Light Pink/Pink Blossoms
Turquiose/Silver Blossoms
Turquoise/Silver Blossoms
Slate Blue/Pink Blossoms
Slate Blue/Pink Blossoms

Magenta/Black Blossoms
Black/Red/Pink Blossoms
Black/Red/Pink Blossoms
Pink Large Peony
Pink Large Peony

Black Peony

White Peony

Silver Peony

Red Peony

Purple Peony

Blue Peony

Green Peony

Turquoise Peony

Burgundy Peony
Gold Peony
Gold Peony

Black/Black Roses

Burgundy/Burgundy Roses

Gold Floral

Pink Floral

Red Black Skulls

Pink Black Skulls

Burgundy Black Sacred Heart
Purple/Gold Floral
Purple/Gold Floral

Specialty Fabrics/Laces/Overlays

Polka Dot

Black Gingham

Pink Gingham

Red Gingham

Light Blue Gingham

Black Pinstripe

Grey Pinstripe

Red Pinstripe
Black Twill
Black Twill
Leopard Fur Corset Fabric
Leopard Fur
Zebra Fur Corset Fabric
Zebra Fur
Red Raw Silk
Red Raw Silk
Green Raw Silk
Green Raw Silk
Lavender Raw Silk
Lavender Raw Silk

Blue Denim

White Eyelet

Black Eyelet

Black Lace Overlay

White Lace Overlay

Nude Lace Overlay

Red Lace Overlay

Black Fishnet Overlay

Black Tulle Dot

Organzas are sheer and shimmery and may change slightly when placed over a dark fabric.

Black Organza

White Organza

Light Blue Organza

Silver Organza

Gold Organza

Light Pink Organza

Burgundy Organza

Hot Pink Organza
Red Organza
Red Organza

Purple Organza

Black Tulle

White Tulle