Corset Ordering FAQs

Can I confidently purchase a Versatile Corset online?
Absolutely! We specialize in remote fittings by email or a video call, and have been doing this successfully for over 30 years. We can accurately gauge your corset size when you provide each of the required measurements, and we are here to help you do this properly. One corset fit specialist will be assigned to you, and you will work with them exclusively.

How our corsets are made
Our high quality corsets are designed and custom crafted to fit better than mass produced "off the rack" garments. We take special care to obtain all the necessary measurements and information to make sure your corset fits properly. In addition, our corsets are fully lined and reinforced with ribbing around the waist to make sure they do not tear or stretch. Our custom corsets also feature a satin lacing guard for comfort. We stand behind our craftsmanship so if you're not totally satisfied with your garment, we'll work hard to remedy the problem and make sure you're completely happy with your purchase. We have thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. Please see our testimonial page to read what some of them have to say.

Will I be comfortable and able to breathe wearing a Versatile Corset?
Corsets by Versatile are created to fit your body so it's snug, but not uncomfortable. A well-made corset fits comfortably at the ribs and hips and compresses only your waist, allowing for easy breathing.

How much will my waist be reduced?
Versatile Corsets are designed for up to a 4 inch waist reduction depending on the style of corset. If you'd like more restriction, or if you would like your corset to lace closed in the back, please notify us at the time your order is placed.

Are your corsets only for women with perfect figures?
Versatile Corsets specializes in corsets that will fit and flatter you beautifully. We make corsets for men and women of all body types, shapes and sizes.

What corset style(s) do you suggest for a male?
For masculine wear, we recommend the Venus Underbust Corset, Victorian Riding Corset or Fern Underbust Corset. These styles have been designed to be worn discreetly under men's pants, if so desired.

Can I lend my corset to a friend to wear?
Your Versatile Corset will mold to your body contours like a fine pair of shoes. Lending it to someone else to wear is not recommended.

Are your corsets and fashions guaranteed?
All merchandise from Versatile Corsets is guaranteed to be free from defect and may be returned for repair (or replacement at our discretion) at no charge within 30 days from date of receipt. No non-defective returns/exchanges or store credits will be accepted after 14 days of receipt.
All returns must have a Return Authorization Number issued by our Customer Service Department or they will be refused. For your protection, please ensure all packages that have been provided with an R.A. number.

How do I know my Corset Size?
When you order a corset, there is the option of standard or custom. After your order is placed you will receive a request for measurements. If a standard size will fit your figure, then you will not need to order a custom-fitted corset. If we determine that your measurements would best be suited to a customized corset, we will let you know.  We will always tell you which will be the best option for your figure, but you always have the final say. Standard Bust and Hips are restricted by 3” and Waists are restricted by 4”. Measure yourself, then subtract those amounts from those areas and you will find your corset size. If you do not fit into the standard size (of the corset you have ordered) in ALL THREE AREAS, you will require a custom corset. We may be able to modify a corset, but there is a hefty reconstruction fee, often more than the cost of originally ordering a custom corset. Standard orders that require modifications are the customers’ responsibility, not Versatile Corsets.

What is the difference between a corset, a corselet and a fashion bustier or fashion cincher?
Corsets are designed for the customer who wants to restrict their waist and create a more curvaceous figure. A 4” reduction (in design) is standard for our corsets. As such they are designed with interior and exterior qualities and materials to facilitate this without tearing. A fashion bustier or fashion cincher is designed with the sexy look of a corset, but do not provide restriction. Their favorable qualities are different. They are lighter in weight and tend to have several options for front closure (or no front closure). Because they require less material and time to fabricate, they are a less expensive than an authentic corset.

How should I clean my Versatile Garment?
You may use a damp cloth for spot cleaning, and a fabric refresher (such as Febreze*), only on the INSIDE of the corset, for light odor removal. Dry Cleaning is recommended when spot cleaning is not sufficient. Do not put your corset into the washing machine or clothes dryer under any circumstance.

Can your corsets help my back problems?
Using a corset to help alleviate pressure on the spinal column is sometimes recommended by physicians for various back problems. We advise you consult with your doctor before attempting self-treatment. If a corset is recommended, you may find wearing it backwards, with the steel busk (front closure) lining up with the backbone gives excellent support and relieves pressure. For men, our Venus corset is perfectly suited for this purpose.  If this is your planned use, please let us know so that we can direct you to the best product to fit your needs.

What is “BBT”?
BBT refers to “Boning, Binding, and Trim”, which are all components of the corset. “Boning” are the metal stays that divide the sections of the corset vertically. They are what give the corset its shape. “Binding” refers to the fabric that covers the front busk closure, as well as the back lacing area (the front center and back center of the corset). “Trim” is the fabric that caps the top and bottom of the corset. We can make our custom corsets all one color or with contrasting boning, binding, and/or trim.

I purchased a Corset and after a few wears the boning has popped out.
Although your corset is designed to be worn tightly, you still need to take the time to break it in slowly. A corset must be worn loosely laced for a few weeks before it is accustomed to your body, and then you can cinch it more tightly. We have found that if you cinch down too far and put too much strain on your corset too quickly, you will have problems with the boning or fabric not staying true to form.

Will a corset make me appear slimmer?
Yes! An authentic corset will enhance your figure to give you more of an “hourglass” shape. Our corsets will reduce your waistline by an average of 2-4 inches, as well as flattening your tummy and enhancing your bust.

Will a corset help me to lose weight?
Wearing a corset will put some pressure on your stomach. For many individuals this constant restriction reminds them to stop eating before they are overly full.

Can I eat normally while in a corset?
While wearing a corset you may find that avoiding carbonated beverages and eating lightly makes your corseting experience more comfortable. The restriction on the waistline tends to make the stomach feel full quite quickly. So remember to eat lightly when laced tightly.

Will my waist go back to “normal” when I take my corset off?
Probably. Every body is a little different, and each person will experience a little different result from corseting. If you are attempting to train your figure, you will probably need to wear your corset(s) 20-23 hours per day. (See “Waist Training”). If you simply wish to look fabulous while out on the town, then do so, knowing that when you take your corset off your figure will reassume it's pre-corseted shape very quickly.

What is Waist Training or Tight-lacing?
"Waist-training", or "waist training", is generally known as the process of gradually, over time, reducing the size of ones waistline. This is a process that needs to be done slowly to achieve realistic and safe waist reduction. In order to not harm yourself, or your corset, proper instruction from a waist-training expert is recommended. A corset should never be worn in any manner that causes discomfort or pain. "Tightlacing" or "tight-lacing" is the process of using a corset to achieve extreme waist reduction and modification of the shape of the torso. For tightlacing to be effective a corset must be worn 22-24 hours per day. It must be done with great care to reduce the risk of potential injury or harm to health. The potential for harm has been a source controversy over the ages. Consistent, gradual, moderate pressure is the only safe way to achieve the tiny waist that the tightlacer desires. Dramatic waist reduction, when done properly, can take many months and even years to achieve. A corset must never cause pain or discomfort. Before beginning waist training or tight-lacing program, please consult with a corseting expert and/or your doctor.

For More Tight-lacing and Waist training Information CLICK HERE

*Important Disclaimer* Although all of the corsets on our website are manufactured with strength and durability in mind, our corsets are primarily a fashion garment. Our corsets are not designed to be used as a medical or back support device without first consulting a medical professional. It *is* possible to injure oneself by wearing a badly fitted or incorrectly sized corset. We take no responsibility for misuse or extreme wear of any garment we sell, and we encourage you to submit correct and complete measurements at the time of purchase. All corsets must be "broken in" slowly, over time, in order to fit your particular figure. We are here to answer any questions prior to purchase. Please consult a doctor or medical professional before attempting any tight-lacing or waist training program, or before using any of our garments as a medical device or for back support.