Corset Waist Training Basics

Note: Questions and answers provided here are for informational purposes only. Please check with your personal physician before attempting any form of body modification (including tight-lacing or waist training).

How many hours per day do I have to wear my corset?
For semi-permanent change and weight distribution you will need to wear a corset for 14-22 hours each day. Everyone's body is different and you will find, over time, how long your body needs to be corseted in order to achieve maximum results.

When is the best time to wear my corset?
Anytime, day or night – do not corset while working out, showering or exercising.

How long does it take to put a corset on and will I need help?
The first couple of times you wear a corset it may take a little while (10-20 minutes). Once you have done this a few times you will be able to get into and out of your corset much more quickly. It will take 5-10 minutes, on average, once you have mastered the art of dressing with a corset. There is some dexterity necessary – a matter of coordination and practice. This is not difficult, and you do not need to have a partner to help.
Tight-lacing a corset will take longer. For this process it is recommended that you put your corset on snugly at first, and then tighten it to the required girth over time. Serious discomfort should be avoided, and never lace your corset to the point of feeling pain.

Should I wear something under my corset?
Yes. You should always wear a t-shirt, camisole or corset liner under your corset. Corsets should be dry-cleaned ONLY, and your corset will require less heavy cleaning if you wear it over a washable and absorbent garment.

Will people know I have a corset on?
This depends on your daily clothing. If you wear snug clothing or sheer fabrics the corset may show underneath. Your clothing can be adjusted so that the corset does not “show”. You will, however, have better posture and back support - and you will most likely want to show off your new waistline.

Are corsets uncomfortable? Will I be hot in in my corset?
A well fitted corset should not cause discomfort or pain. On very hot days you may be uncomfortable in your corset. We do not suggest starting to wear a corset while the weather is very warm.

Do I need to change any habits like diet and exercise?
You will probably need to eat a little differently while wearing a corset . You will feel full much more quickly, as pressure is being applied to your waist, and your stomach is being constricted. Food will digest more slowly with a corset on. The pressure on your stomach, while not painful, will cause discomfort if you overeat. You will want to avoid carbonated beverages and foods that may cause discomfort. Many people follow their regular diet while corseting. 

You should take your corset off in order to exercise – and you should do some type of exercise daily so that your body does not become dependent on the corset for back support.

 *Important Disclaimer* Although all of the corsets on our website are manufactured with strength and durability in mind, our corsets are primarily a fashion garment. Our corsets are not designed to be used as a medical or back support device without first consulting a medical professional. It *is* possible to injure oneself by wearing a badly fitted or incorrectly sized corset. We take no responsibility for misuse or extreme wear of any garment we sell, and we encourage you to submit correct and complete measurements at the time of purchase. All corsets must be "broken in" slowly, over time, in order to fit your particular figure. We are here to answer any questions prior to purchase. Please consult a doctor or medical professional before attempting any tight-lacing or waist training program, or before using any of our garments as a medical device or for back support.

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