Corset Care

Corset Liners

Corsets can be more comfortable when worn over a liner and are protected from body oils & perspiration so they will not need to be dry cleaned as often.
Our liners are made of a cotton/lycra blend and can be hand washed and dried flat.

Cleaning & Storage

The process of dry cleaning can be rough on corsets over time, and yet the only safe way to deep clean them. The fabric can be spot cleaned with a damp washcloth or for an occasional refresh, we recommend using a product like Febreze. Spray the corset lightly on the inside lining then hang your corset by the laces in front of a fan to dry. (be very careful not to spray satin brocades, velvets and other special fabrics directly)
Hang them over a tubular hanger by the laces. They should NOT be folded or rolled for storage.

Your new corset must be broken in slowly and over time

Breaking In

Our corsets are designed to cinch the waistline an average of 4 inches but this doesn't mean you can cinch your waistline dramatically the first few time you wear your new corset. Corsets must first mold and conform to your unique shape in a comfortable laced state for several wearings, prior to lacing it tightly. They cannot sustain being tightly laced and worn for an evening out (bending, sitting, dancing etc) without being broken in properly first.
While all of our corsets undergo a thorough quality control inspection and are made of the most durable construction with strength in mind, over tightening can and will damage! The stitching may come loose or break, the front busk can tear from the pockets it is sewn into, and the grommets may pop out. Avoid these issues by taking the time to break in your new corset slowly over time.