Victorian Riding Corset

The Victorian Riding Corset Underbust Waist Training Corset

(Re)Introducing the Victorian Riding Corset. A number of years ago I designed an underbust waist training corset that fits a wide variety of figures. This corset became known as The Victorian Riding Corset.

The challenge has been that Versatile Corsets and Fashions has always been about custom made corsets and fashions ~ Made in the USA, and I really didn’t want to mess with the integrity of Versatile’s original styles (many designed by Ms. Antoinette herself). However, the world has moved on, and pre-made corsets that sell for under $200 are now commonplace and even expected.

So far it hasn’t made sense to digitize our patterns and have them mass produced. We may get to this at some point, however, for now what makes sense is to re-introduce some patterns that we sold very successfully on our sister site for many years.

Victorian Riding Corset front view and back lacing

The First New Corset Pattern

The first pattern I want to present this week is the aforementioned Victorian Riding Corset.  The Victorian Riding Corset is an underbust waist training corset that fits a wide variety of figures. It is optimal for figures 5’2” – 5’9”, with narrow hips. As a result, all genders can wear this corset style for daily wear or that special occasion. The fabrics we are introducing this week are quite sturdy and will wear well. Take a look at to view the three fabrics we are taking pre-orders for. This corset retails for $179.99, but you can preorder it today for only $149.99!! (and join our mailing list and get an additional 10% off below)!!

We will be adding more patterns over the next few weeks and months, so I would love to hear from you if you have some recommendations for fabrics and designs that you’d like to see included.

This is a Very Exciting Time to be Designing Corsets

Hopefully we’ll all be getting out more and more as our world gets back to normal. As this is happening we hope you are all staying safe, and we so appreciate your continued patronage.

~Nancy Lynn and the Versatile Corsets Team

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